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What are the main maintenance points of vegetable processing equipment?

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Our users of vegetable processing equipment know that the maintenance of the equipment is especially important.The correct use and maintenance can greatly develop the use life of equipment, so what is the correct repair and maintenance, we can adopt the following several ways for maintenance and adjustment.

The first is to change the speed without segment

The point inspection and refueling of the oil of the gearbox with variable speed is to stop the motor first。 It is strictly prohibited to remove the oil inspection plug under the condition of pyrotechnics。

Second, the adjustment of the chain

The adjustment is carried out after the motor stopped, in the middle of the two sprockets with finger to press the chain, between the amount of compression is commonly 4 to 9 mm is standard, when once more than standard worth will adjust tightness idler to regulations。

Third, the adjustment of the belt

When the motor stops, in the middle of the two pulley, the compression amount of the finger (middle finger and forefinger) compression belt is 7 ~ 12mm as the standard value。When greater than the standard value, adjust the idler wheel to the specified tightness.

Fourth, we do not use preservation for a long time

When we are to be preserved and when not in use for a long time, we can put the parts of the earth and other objects to wash wipe clean, various rotary department and belt and chain and adhesion of sundry have to completely remove the different rotation and friction active department, sufficient oil to prevent rust.

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