1000T aseptic filling machine

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The 1000L container sterile pouch filling machine is mainly used for sterile filling and filling of fruit and vegetable juice, jam or other viscous or non-viscous fluids such as concentrated products and dairy products.

The device using the steam jet method of sterilization and filling room, then observe to ensure the filling room is always in a sterile state, sterile mouth sterilization, open, filling and sealing are done in a sterile environment.The CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization process of the equipment can be combined with the front-end sterilizer, so it doesn't need to be cleaned and sterilized separately。The machine in addition to electrical configuration, motor and soft connection are made of high quality 304 stainless steel material, pipe layout reasonable no dead Angle, cycle steam and compressed air through the corresponding pipe emissions from external aseptic filling workshop。

This equipment is mainly composed of aseptic filling head, electric lifting system, man-machine control system, steam system, measuring system, electric rotary tray, roller conveyor system, etc, with independent control cabinet and simple button box, touch screen and programmable controller (PLC) USES Germany Siemens, solenoid valve and cylinder, a guest is used, use schneider switch button;The metering system adopts cologne flowmeter in Germany, and the packaging bag adopts aluminum plastic composite aseptic bag (5L-1000L)。Equipped with two sets of manual and automatic control systems, flow meter measurement controller control, high efficiency, low investment.The filling chamber is specially designed to avoid condensation dripping。With dynamic drum, pallet transport structure, after filling automatically out of the barrel。Equipped with 5L-25L aseptic bag filling platform.The operation process is manual bagging one-key filling, and the cleaning process is also manual switching one-key cleaning.The filling volume can be set anywhere from 5 l to 1000L without changing the type of bag mouth。

Operation process of sterile big bag filling machine for 1000 tons of boxes:

Manually put the bag, a key - type bag, a key - type filling, until the completion of filling out of the bucket。5L-30L aseptic bag filling does not require bag clamping。


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