BIB aseptic filling machine

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BIB aseptic filling machine using :

      The BIB aseptic irrigation machine is mainly used for aseptic filling and filling of fruit and vegetable juice, jam, concentrated products, dairy products and other viscous or non-viscous fluids.Can also be used for wine, yellow wine, juice, jam, edible oil, grain and oil, pure water, condiments, milk and other liquids, paste filling non-sterile filling.It is mainly suitable for flexible inner bag and sealing tap made of composite film and 1-30l large capacity packaging form of outer packing paper box。

BIB aseptic filling machine introduction    

     The new BIB aseptic filling machine is a new product developed by our company, which integrates Italian technology and is specialized in packing below 30L.After sterilization by injection, the filling machine can be finished in 2 seconds per bag, and the time from the end of filling to the time of bagging can only be 2 seconds。

The equipment is mainly composed of aseptic filling system, flow (quality) measurement system, roller (engineering plastic mesh bag) conveying system, computer PLC control system and operating platform。The packaging bag is made of aluminum plastic composite aseptic bag (1L-30L).Using the steam jet method of sterilization and filling room, then observe to ensure the filling room is always in a sterile state, sterile mouth sterilization, open, filling and sealing are done in a sterile environment。The whole machine is made of high quality 304L material.The circulating steam and compressed air are discharged from the sterile filling workshop through the corresponding pipe。

BIB aseptic filling machine basic parameters:


BIB aseptic filling machine main configuration

1。 The whole machine is made of high quality 304 stainless steel。

2。 Electrical control cabinet: implement system material transmission, signal conversion and other controls。

3. Three-phase five-wire, 380V, 50HZ.

4。 The main control components are Siemens, omron, schneider or similar brands。

BIB aseptic filling machine operating

Manual bag to card position: start switch; steam sterilization; automatic lid removal; automatic metering and filling; automatic lid pressing; automatic bag delivery; delivery workshop; manual packing

BIB The advantage between aseptic filling machine and the same type filling machine

1. Small packaging within 30L in the same type of sterile large bag filling machine cannot reach the national standard with accuracy, and the filling volume error of this machine is plus or minus 0.5%.

2. The BIB aseptic filling machine is specially designed for filling 1-30l aseptic small package, which can withstand the frequency of filling small bags.If you use the aseptic big bag filling machine to fill the small bag packaging, usually within a week, there will be a series of failures such as parts stuck, unsmooth operation and so on.And once the phenomenon of card death occurs, the frequency of card death will gradually increase。There may even be more than 30 minutes of dead time within an hour, unable to fill normally.

3. The action of the aseptic sack filling machine efficiency slow, mechanical action and mechanical action before out of the bag after bagging needed about 18 seconds (measured data according to my company, big bag filling maneuver time), our company launched special BIB sterile pouch filling machine only four seconds of a complete set of movements.

4. The BIB aseptic filling machine produced by our company will undergo fatigue test before delivery. The goods will not be delivered until the factory has tested the machine more than 100,000 times and the fatigue test machine is qualified.As far as possible rule out the possibility of mechanical failure, if stuck or action appeared in the process of aseptic filling the phenomenon such as not smooth, aseptic filling and putting to debugging equipment must be open, so as not to cause a delay of production, affect the equipment state of sterile.The phenomenon of bag explosion and barrel explosion was avoided.

5. The packaging bag used for self-supporting bag filling machine irrigation is non-sterile, and the product must be sterilized twice before reaching the standard.2 sterilization will definitely affect the color, taste, nutrition and other quality of products。And the sterilization of water bath will produce greater risk of bag explosion.The shelf life cannot be compared with aseptic packaging products.

6. The maintenance cost of the equipment of the BIB aseptic filling machine is low, and more efficient actions will result in more frequent wear and tear of vulnerable parts.All the mechanical action wear parts of the BIB aseptic filling machine are customized with food-grade oil-free lubricating wear-resistant materials from German igus company and have a continuous service life of more than 2 years.Seal rubber for food grade fluoro rubber, continuous service life more than 6 months.


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