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UHT instant sterilizer is widely used in sterilization of milk, juice, tea and other products.The UHT sterilizer integrates heating, sterilizing, cooling and heat recovery. The touch screen displays real-time production data online.This equipment is suitable for fruit and vegetable juice, tea drinks, milk beverage for continuous sterilization, or similar material can be high temperature instantaneous sterilization, the supplies in a very short period of time for rapid sterilization, to ensure that the material of nutrients is not damaged, no loss, and the product color is not changed.

The main body of UHT instantaneous sterilizer is: heat recovery section of cold and hot materials, preheating section, sterilization holding section and cooling section.The whole process of sterilization is fully automatic control, the man-machine interface can set the sterilization temperature flexibly.Sterilization temperature and temperature fluctuation in the production of no more than 0.5 ℃. Equipped with multi-function pressure tank, production when the buffer material and the material flow, after the production can be used as a CIP cleaning tank.

 Product features

1. In addition to electric motors, electrical appliances and soft connections, high quality stainless steel 304 is adopted for manufacturing.

2。 Attached CIP/SIP system, high temperature 125 ℃ after sterilization before production pipe aseptic processing。

3。 The control system composed of man-machine interface and PLC is convenient to operate。

4. All joints and joints of the sterilizer pipe are sterile protected and the product quality is strictly guaranteed.

5. With its own heat recovery system, it can fully save more than 30% of energy compared with the same type of equipment in the industry.






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